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Switch Nutrition Power Switch 40 Serves

Power Switch Pre-Workout


Power Switch is the ultimate blend of 15 natural ingredients to amplify your training experience! Taken prior to training Power switch’s clinically dosed formula can increase your stamina & endurance, strength, power and energy. Creating the perfect environment to push harder in every workout or sports event. Get ready to hit new personal bests!!


What’s in it?


All 15 ingredients in Power Switch work synergistically together to produce huge performance benefits. The Key ingredients are:

Citrulline Malate – is a naturally occurring amino acid and is very effective at increasing your bodies natural production of nitric oxide for power and increasing work capacity.

Kucha Tea Extract (Dynamine) – A powerful natural mood enhancing stimulant to increase stamina and energy.

VASO6 – A patented green tea extract to amplify Nitric Oxide in the blood increasing blood flow to the brain and muscles to increase endurance.

S7 – specific extract blend of Green Coffee bean, Green tea, Turmeric, Tart Cherry, Blueberry, Broccoli, Kale to produce a powerful training endurance boost.

Natural Caffeine – All naturally sourced caffeine. To give you the mind body focus you need to power through to the last minute of your training session.


Being in the right state of mind and ready to perform is critical to your progression in any fitness goal. Give power Switch a try, you will not be disappointed.

Directions for use: Assess your tolerance by starting with ½ scoop mixed in water 20-30mins prior to training. Once tolerance is assessed you can use a full serving (1 Scoop) mixed in water 20-30 mins prior to training. Use only on workout days. Do not consume within 5 hours of sleep.

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