Whey Protein


The word Protein comes from the Greek word Proteios which means ‘primary’ or ‘holding First Place’ It holds quite a lot of importance as every cell in our body requires it to function. Its used to make hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters, immune function, muscle maintenance and repair & don’t worry it doesn’t ‘bulk’ you up. Protein is the only nutrient our bodies can’t store, it is therefore in a constant state of turn over and must be provided to our bodies through food we eat.

Illness, old age, pregnancy, and exercise are examples where protein requirements increase and if this daily requirement can not be met many processes in our body slow down as our body tries to make ends meet. Enter Whey protein! The King of protein supplement sources. This quality complete protein source is easy digested and fast to absorb and a delicious way to increase your daily protein requirement.


Who would benefit from protein supplements?

Most active people would benefit from adding a protein powder supplement,  the average Aussie could improve their intake of protein by as much as 40% which can be accomplished by two simple low calorie shakes per day between meals! It is the most satiating macro-nutrient which crush’s cravings keeping you fuller for longer making it a great supplement for fat loss, maintenance and growth of lean muscle!

No matter what form of exercise we do (Running, Swimming, Wight Lifting, Crossfit, Hiking) our muscles work in the same way and require the same nutrient to recover and keep working well. So Protein is key for endurance and weight lifting individuals to keep progressing in their chosen sport.


When to take it

Whey Protein powders are very versatile they can be added to smoothies & baking or simply added to your morning porridge, between meals, or slammed down after a tough workout. Whey is low Fat, Low in Sugar and Carbs & Low calorie making it easy to squeeze into your busy lifestyle and for those sensitive to Lactose aim for a Whey Protein Isolate as they have a high protein purity and very low lactose content. Always follow the serving directions on the back of the pack which is normally about one rounded scoop containing 24-35 grams of protein. Taken 1-2 times daily.


Final take away

Everyone engaging in sports and exercise can benefit from increasing their protein intake and using whey protein is a fast and convenient way to go. Whether you are an endurance athlete, seasoned weight lifter or just starting out getting some extra protein into your day can make a world of difference (especially as we age)!


Check out our wide range of quality Whey protein supplements in store and online some great brands to get you started are: Cyborg Sport, International Protein, Sci-Tec Nutrition & Optimum Nutrition


James Starr - Nutrition Supplement Co