What is Yohimbine?

It is a naturally occurring plant alkaloid which may be used as a performance enhancer, libido enhancer or, most commonly, as a fat burner. It is the active ingredient which is extracted from the Pausinystalia Yohimbe tree.


Yohimbine has been proven as a very effective fat burner. Studies on elite athletes have proven that it can help to shift stubborn fat.

It has also been shown to be a very effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

It has been suggested that adequate supplementation can delay fatigue in trained athletes. One study in particular suggested that time to exhaustion could be improved by as much as 25% in competitive cyclists. That’s a significant increase, especially for a serious athlete!

This supplement is generally used before workouts and works synergistically with caffeine. This is why it is often used in pre-workouts and fat-burners. It is said to prolong and enhance the effects of pre-workouts.

How does Yohimbine work?

Yohimbine is considered to be an alpha-2 antagonist. This means that it blocks alpha-2 receptors thereby increasing thermogenesis and fat breakdown.

Is it legal in Australia?

Unfortunately, Yohimbine is not legal in Australia. This is mainly due to the risk of side effects such as anxiety, mood changes. It can also adversely interact with other classes of drugs.

There are many great fat burning alternatives to Yohimbine. For thermogenesis we suggest Thermogen Electric by Body RippedT432 by ATP Science or Citrulline Malate for blood flow.