Ultra Leaan by Cyborg Sports – Instantised Protein

Cyborg Sport is a great Australian company. They produce fantastic quality sports supplements that taste amazing at a great price. This is one of the most popular products that Cyborg Sports has and it is dairy free!

What is it?

Ultra Leaan by Cyborg Sport is a first fully instantised Essential Amino Acid Protein. It contains the 9 essential amino acids that are required to promote muscle recovery and growth. Unlike whey protein, Ultra Leaan is already broken down to its most simple form to provide faster, more efficient absorption. Best of all, Protein is absorbed into the body within 15 minutes of consumption, making it one of the fastest absorbing products on the market. It is perfect for recovery in the key post-workout ‘anabolic window’.

How does it work?

Ultra Leaan is lactose free, dairy free and sugar free. It is also 100% vegan. It is ideal for any athlete who wants to steer clear of whey protein or is looking for a dairy free option.

Unlike other whey protein powders, Ultra Leaan only requires a small 5g serve. A 5g serve of Ultra Leaan contains 5g of protein and only 20 calories. Ultra Leaan contains instantized Leucine, Lycsine, Valine, Threonine, Isoleucine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Histidine, and Trytopham. These essential amino acids are able to efficiently enter the bloodstream to repair your muscles.

The benefits of taking Ultra Leaan 

  • 100% Vegan
  • Dairy free, sugar free & zero carbs
  • Increase recovery & reduce soreness
  • Promote lean muscle growth
  • Easy to digest
  • Amazing taste

Nutrition Supplements thoughts:

Cyborg Sport Ultra Leaan is a winner! IT is easy to digest, tastes amazing and has minimal calories. If you have been working hard and want something enjoyable and effective after your workout Ultra Leaan ticks all boxes.

Where can I buy Ultra Leaan?

At NutritionSupplements.com.au we stock the entire Cyborg Sport range of products including Ultra Leaan (click here).

Nutritionsupplements.com.au is proudly an Australian company specialising in an awesome range of protein, amino acids and pre-workout powders. We also pride ourselves in providing a great range of health and wellness products.

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