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atp science

Live in store update by Eli

Awesome Eli is at it again with another hilarious Facebook live from Nutrition Supplement Co. Mooloolaba Nutrition Supplement Co. has the full range of ATP Science products including Alpha Mars, Alpha Venus, Multi Food and Gutright (along with all of the rest of the range). Purchase on line or see us in store. Feel free

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Beta Alanine: Prolong training, increase performance and gain lean muscle

Beta Alanine What are we looking at Beta Alanine is a modified form of Alanine, a naturally occurring amino acid. This amino acid is deemed nonessential. This is due to is ability to be synthesised in the body through sufficient consumption of relative compounds. However, research on alanine, specifically beta-alanine, has shown significant improvements in

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Yohimbine Info: shred down and get hard!

What is Yohimbine It is a naturally occurring plant alkaloid which may be used as a performance enhancer, libido enhancer or, most commonly, as a fat burner. It is the active ingredient which is extracted from the Pausinystalia Yohimbe tree. Uses  Yohimbine has been proven as a very effective fat burner. Studies on elite athletes have proven

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