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ATP Science Multi Food test

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ATP Science Multi Food

Activated Multivitamin Supplement

Most people are aware that the degradation of the Vitamins in our food has occurred. The soil is depleted of nutrients, gas ripening, green harvesting, transportation, irradiation, microwaving and the list goes on of things we do to our food that we didn’t 80 years ago. And now you probably aren’t so keen to be reaching for your standard Multi Vitamin.

So what is the answer? Well, ATP Science believe nature knows best, so they’ve gone back to nature to create a multi-vitamin from whole organic foods (fruits and veggies) complete with their natural co-factors and nutrients to provide what your diet may be missing. Remember nothing replaces eating fresh, locally grown and produced food, but Multi Food can certainly help if your daily nutrition is not as good as it should be.

ATP Science Multi Food Ingredient Breakdown:

What are nutrients?

Nutrients are essential for all means of everyday life and our body uses them day in and day out for the production of:

Hair, skin and nails
The creation of thousands of red blood cells to transport these nutrients and the ever essential oxygen into every cell in your body
The production of white blood cells to fight infection and increase your body’s immune response
Those critical electrical impulse signals for optimum brain function and cognitive abilities
Your body’s tissues to formulate the orchestra of life by shuttling proteins and fatty acids from organ to organ for the sustainability of life.


Zinc benefits:

Stored within the spleen, muscle, liver, bone marrow and other tissues in high concentrations such as the prostate, skin and retina. It is also in high concentrations in Red and White blood cells for immunity and the transportation of nutrients
Crucial for the cellular growth and replication of rapidly replicating cells like that of embryotic cells, central nervous system cells, gastrointestinal cells and immune cells such as T cells for thymus health.
Excellent Anti-oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory properties
Symptoms of Zinc deficiency:

Gastrointestinal issues, chronic diarrhoea, recurrent yeast and bacterial infections
Alopecia, dermatitis and rough skin
Poor wound healing and low immunity
Growth retardation (related to protein metabolism)
Male hypogonadism
Mental lethargy
Contraindications of Zinc use:

Zinc should not be administered in the same dosage as Copper or iron as these will inhibit the absorption, if you are taking Copper and iron supplements have these at a separate time of day to the Zinc, this is why Iron and Copper has been left out of the Multi – Food.


Selenium benefits:

Powerful Anti-oxidant
Assists in the regulation of thyroid hormone conversion
Assists in the conversion of T4 to T3
Excellent aid in many metabolic pathways
Symptoms of Selenium deficiency:

There is an association between low levels of selenium and low levels of T3 plasma status
Myositis (metabolism and inflammation of muscle tissue)
Whitening of fingernail beds
Elevated Creatine kinase
The increase of red blood cells with high concentration of haemoglobin
Carcinogenesis/ initial phase of cancer in various sites of the body including: colon, lungs, rectum, urinary tract, prostate, thyroid, oral cavity, pharynx, skin and female reproductive organs
Other implications of low levels of selenium have been linked with sudden infant death syndrome, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia and endemic goitre.


Chromium benefits:

Enlarges receptor binding, stabilizing glucose levels
Essential element in the glucose tolerance factor
Excellent aid in energy production
Symptoms of Chromium deficiency:

Insulin resistance and diabetes
Contraindications of selenium use:
The use of Iron supplementation and fibre can inhibit Chromium absorption. The use of antacids with chromium can inhibit the proper absorption of chromium into the body


The phytonutrient compounds of the wild and edible plant are extensive and are loaded with essential chlorophyll and magnesium. However the roots and fruits have been shown as containing toxic compounds, the edible part of the plant is not to be confused with these sections.


Commonly used as a tea in southern India, used very commonly for the treatment of jaundice and psoriasis. It is also a very potent Anti-oxidant and Anti-inflammatory agent, analgesic and also known for its abilities to reduce fever.
A very plant based rich source of calcium!


A great source of Zinc, vitamin C, carotenoids and B complex vitamins. Guava is well known for its Anti-oxidant status, its benefits for the immune system and anti-inflammatory properties.


Excellent relief of gut discomfort
Support of the immune system
Aids in the reduction of coughs and colds
Amazing anti-oxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties
High natural levels of B – Vitamins


Lemon peels are high in volatile oils and carotenoids due to the high oil content of the peel. Water extraction from the peels contain high amounts of naturally occurring B – Vitamins!


This ingredient contains high concentrations of Biotin and Biotin has many natural benefits including being essential for metabolism, digestive, cardiovascular and nerve health. It also plays a massive role in keeping us youthful with the growth and repair of hair, skin and nails.


This ingredient contains the adequate levels of chromium needed daily to upkeep glucose tolerance factor and enhance receptor binding activity.

Multi-food by ATP Science – Not made from Frakenfood and hydrocarbon-consuming-genetically-augmented-bacteria-monsters crapping out petroleum nuggets.

At Nutrition Supplement Co we love the ATP range especially Multi Food.

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