Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Why ALA?

In one sentence, ALA allows more glucose to be shuttled into muscle cells and away from fat cells.

Studies show that the amount of glucose shuttled to your muscles can increase from 50-60%. This means if you ate 100 carbs and originally without ALA, 40 grams of glucose went to your muscles cells and the rest, 60 grams, went to fat cells. By supplementing with ALA, you have the power to send 60 grams of glucose and only 40 to fat cells. That is a big difference!

Insulin Effect

ALA has been shown to increase glucose uptake by mimicking insulin and shuttling it to Glut-4 receptors as mentioned above. Because ALA has increased the number of Glut-4 receptors on the outside of the muscle, more glucose can be absorbed.

Effects of Increased Glucose Uptake

This increase of glucose does many positive things. These include:

  1. Increased pump
  2. Less fat accumulation
  3. Increases Amino Acid transport
  4. Increases creatine
  5. Increased insulin sensitivity

Dosage (Per Day)

2 x ALA 150 tablets in the morning and 2 x in the evening

Dosage Notes:

200-600 mg will increase insulin sensitivity and lower blood glucose levels.

Lower than 200 mg won’t give you noticeable effects, except for ALA antioxidant properties.

600 mg-1200 mg will may provide noticeable fat loss.